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What up! I talked before about how I'd be saying what I could about development from now on. that's the plan for the future, plus random stuff. I just think that's fun and I can't be one dimensional ;-D Most of you know I'm anti-spoiler to the max... always have been - I had brought that into game development, but when you don't have a marketing department, you need a running stream for people to find. I used to be extreme about it and didn't realize how I much I was in the minority. I'd be confused as shit about why other people were explaining so much and why their trailers revealed too much. Didn't they want ppl to find it on their own and be surprised? The holy purity of a fresh experience is apparently not that important to most people. I get really into what I'm doing and I forget basic things. I'm the kind of person who will find an interest in something remote, want to know everything about it, ...and once I do, it hits me later that nobody else would ever give a fuck about this subject. That's why i decided to find a happy medium. The result is this blog! Once things get further along with this game, I'll be showing you more stuff. I'm actually looking forward to it.

Since my last update, progress has been like mannnn. I've been hammering and not looking too far ahead on the todo. I'm working on more and more content, especially obstacles. I want there to be an overwhelming amount of content all on-theme and randomness too. A lot o ppl talk about games with a unique experience every time you play, but most games arent that randomized. I've seen some interesting things, but there's a lot that still hasn't been done in gameplay randomization. I'm looking to push the edge in that regard. The downside is this game doesnt fit nicely into any genre or common genre combo, even tho it's gamey. I've been mixing interesting elements in a way that makes sense and is fun, and it's still an exploration.

this game has a much more complex gameplay system, giving you plenty to consider. I'm on the last two-thirds of obstacles, and then I'm starting one of the final major elements of gameplay. Once that's all done, i'll have a lot to work out making it all gel just right. Next is gonna be a major section so I can't even think about that right now. Breaking things down into their parts is the only way to put your best into every step. I've been designing and laying out everything very carefully. One issue of there being this much random content going on is performance. I created some custom solutions for that. I had to stop and focus on this in a special way already, because I'm far enough along that a bulk of content is already in. I'm starting to get a real feel for this beast moving with all its parts. There's major stuff planned later was all the content is created to get it to the level it needs to be. I dont want anything fucking up your experience.

so I'm excited about the results, but focused with my head down on what's next. I'll have more details for you soon.

I made a fan to cool you down

Fan to Cool Down by Timothy Courtney

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gif series

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what's up yall

game update

A lot has been happening with new game... I'm gonna run through some of it so here goes!

critical changes are still happening so I can't spell things out for you just yet. I have to keep things cryptic still and on goldilock's life it's killing me! There's still a lot I can say though.

I recently got to full on prototype stage. I was able to make the proto available to a limited group of people for some feedback on their experience. As usual, I've been testing a great deal and still nailing down the design. This game doesn't exactly fit nicely into any one genre. I melted several ideas I thought would be interesting together to create the core. then just kept rethinking and reworking every component of gameplay until I had a design that felt good. That's still happening somewhat. I've been thinking hard about what the hell I spawned! designers like to feel like things are going according to their plan. It can be painful when something different pops out and you're left trying to understand it yourself

I'm still planning some pretty big visual changes and debating between a couple of titles Once that's all set in stone, Ill start showing you some behind the scenes stuff, screens, or gifs... who knows!

Lately, I'm creating a lot of new gameplay content, and I have a ways to go on that. It's important to me that the theme stay focused and consistant. this is some stuff that didn't fit the theme and therefore got cut....

Game Characters Sketch - Tucker, Stash, Crank - Before
Game Characters Sketch - Tucker, Stash, Crank - After

I'm also working on getting the balance of certain components of gameplay just right. i could do a goldilocks callback but idts. ;-D Stay tuned for more updates!


prototype reveal

game development

First, I have a quick update: progress on the new game is going well, and I'll be able to talk more about it soon! This puppy is really taking shape. In the meantime.... there are some random posts i have planned and this is the first of them!!

In game development, there are often prototypes that are shortlived. during the making of a game, I get the temptation to make dozens and sometimes hundreds of other games. What i usually do is write the ideas down, along with a title. this usually satisfies me enough, since there's no way I can actually stop what i'm doing to take on all these ideas. By now, I have journals full of game ideas. Some get very detailed / One of the worst pains is having an idea and forgetting about it later. it'll make you want to die if that happens. So I try to always write it down. Occassionally, I reread my journals, tweaking notes, and designing on paper the ones that interest me most in that moment.

I've had prototypes get to different stages of progress before deciding it wasn't something I wanted to keep going on. I'm focused on PC/Mac/Linux game development but this prototype was for mobile.... android. The limitations and casual nature of mobile isn't my cup of tea - I do like some casual/mobile games. I'm not against maybe making a mobile version of one of my games if the conditions were right. But it's not my target. I just have to make games I feel from the heart, and that's never been mobile (so far).

i started the following prototype before SAA:CG, and it was influenced by several ideas. One of the core ideas was: What if i could find a way to make a style of gameplay mechanics similar to Adventures of Lolo (1989) work on mobile? ... What would I do differently, and how would i make it work with touch screen with only a few controls? I actually got this prototype pretty far. Below is an early screen shot. I don't have many screenshots of this proto. I take more care now to document progress better so I can look back on the process. Uh, I was just calling it Square Man while I was working on it. I also had enemies and gameplay objects for it. Keep in mind, the theming and art would have been refined, so this is a rough shot from early on

Square Man - Game Development Prototype

It was worth exploring, but I don't see myself revisiting this one. There are several reasons but the biggest is what previously said. It was quite functional at this point and I discovered some cool things. Square man could already be controlled, make moves, kill/be killed, cross bridges, etc. Yes, there was water. I was working on an in-game shop when I figured out this wasn't it. So you can start to see how I was building on an old idea with new elements that hadn't existed in the design of its inspiration. New elements like that would have been woven deeply so that it became a new beast where you had to think differently to win.


some recent characters

game development

these are some characters i made recently. i was designing them for the new game, but they didn't fit in. you'll see what i mean soon. Also, this will give you an idea of the style I'm going for.

these characters won't make the cut, but i still like them! from top to bottom, it's Tucker, Stash, and Crank:

Tucker - Chicken

Stash - Alien

Crank - Cow


blue bird


Blue Bird by Timothy Courtney


update time

uh huh

before i talk about the new game, did you notice the redesign? i know i haven't posted as much lately on the blog. one reason is talking about myself and my work really doesn't come naturally. But from this point on, i'm just gunna do it. I'm planning more game development posts + some randomness

the other thing is, ive been fleshing out the new game. this game is a level up in every way. its bigger and it's more polished inside and out. I'll probably be showing some behind the scenes stuff soon. i'm excited about working on the new game. right now, i'm heavy into level development. There's still some gameplay design happening, but for the most part that's complete. Things are far enough along that I'll be showing some stuff soon!

new game!

game update

I've been working on a secret game! the idea came to me a while back. it has to do with expanding tunnel navigation into complex systems, creating a fast-paced environment, and mixing in dynamic gameplay.

i've about nailed down the style and theme. And i'm well into gameplay development. i'll be able to talk about it more pretty soon

sprite sheets

game development

I'm building a collection of sprite sheets here - if you're interested in game development, download some game art! i already uploaded many art assets. this original collection is from my previous work. i'm busy working on a new game right now but I'll be adding more to it. It's gunna be a community resource

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