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Lucas the Game Genre: Action Platformer
Lucas the Game Cover by Timothy Courtney
Upon birth, Lucas learns from his mother that the world is completely corrupt. All citizens are being controlled. Due to the cultural programming, they can no longer tell fact from fiction. Only Lucas can save them.

Play as Lucas, the born spy. Find secret cables, and deliver them to the Snowman. He's a powerful yet rogue media mogul, willing to wake up the people. Just be careful! If they find out what you're up to, it'll be your demise.
Created: July 1, 2015 Store Page

Ghost of Greta Genre: Undisclosed
Ghost of Greta Cover by Timothy Courtney
Ghost of Greta is a 2D horror game currently in development.

Still In Development

Space Ace Assassin:
Capital Galaxy
Genre: Space Shooter
Space Ace Assassin Cover by Timothy Courtney
Space Ace Assassin: Capital Galaxy is a challenging space shooter game with the power to convert your faith. You have to get to the end of each level without blowing up. That might look and sound simple. Wrong!

This game should be available by late summer 2016. The release version will likely look and feel a bit different. In the meantime, there are demos available if you feel the need for punishment. I tried to warn you.
Summer 2016 Download Windows Demo
Download Mac Demo
Download Linux Demo

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