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Sometimes, I do an exercise where I think about other mediums, comparing them with game development. most things just take experimenting to execute your expression, but years to master a more full understanding ...and the skills if you wanna do it well. Cooking is great because in less than an hour you can have happy people eating your food and getting their satisfaction. You can get some kinda feedback and that quick reward. Some musicians can write a song during the time it takes for a ski lift ride, like John Denver with Annie's Song. film is different though, it has a lot of parallels to making games, especially animated movies. One thing that feels crystalized to me is the unique combination of mediums in game development. It's like a mixture of abstract painting, carnival ride design, moving making, casino design, plus mad science. I could say so much about the bizarre shit and surreal moments. There's plenty of magic involved.

you get time to think when you're making a game. you can't even avoid it. sometimes, I wanna hide from it. But at this point, i'm so excited about this game. It's my best thing by far, even though it's not done. I can't wait to finish, but I'm not releasing it until it's fully cooked. I promised myself I'd put it all together this time. All I wanna do is make this game great, now that I know what it is.

i've been making the most of productivity lately. Things are going well with an achievement system I designed. I've been working on achievements and player stats most recently. There'll be a great deal of achievements in this game. the achievements themselves are expanding replayability a lot, and make you see the game through different pov's. There won't be any shortage of fresh challenges. The achievements and everything are feeling fluid. My style is more consisent than ever. Consistency throughout is a big thing for me now. i'll have more details about achievements soon. plus, i'll be talking more about gameplay. please spread the word.

with your help, we'll light this bitch on fire

Light It On Fire

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