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What up! I talked before about how I'd be saying what I could about development from now on. that's the plan for the future, plus random stuff. I just think that's fun and I can't be one dimensional ;-D Most of you know I'm anti-spoiler to the max... always have been - I had brought that into game development, but when you don't have a marketing department, you need a running stream for people to find. I used to be extreme about it and didn't realize how I much I was in the minority. I'd be confused as shit about why other people were explaining so much and why their trailers revealed too much. Didn't they want ppl to find it on their own and be surprised? The holy purity of a fresh experience is apparently not that important to most people. I get really into what I'm doing and I forget basic things. I'm the kind of person who will find an interest in something remote, want to know everything about it, ...and once I do, it hits me later that nobody else would ever give a fuck about this subject. That's why i decided to find a happy medium. The result is this blog! Once things get further along with this game, I'll be showing you more stuff. I'm actually looking forward to it.

Since my last update, progress has been like mannnn. I've been hammering and not looking too far ahead on the todo. I'm working on more and more content, especially obstacles. I want there to be an overwhelming amount of content all on-theme and randomness too. A lot o ppl talk about games with a unique experience every time you play, but most games arent that randomized. I've seen some interesting things, but there's a lot that still hasn't been done in gameplay randomization. I'm looking to push the edge in that regard. The downside is this game doesnt fit nicely into any genre or common genre combo, even tho it's gamey. I've been mixing interesting elements in a way that makes sense and is fun, and it's still an exploration.

this game has a much more complex gameplay system, giving you plenty to consider. I'm on the last two-thirds of obstacles, and then I'm starting one of the final major elements of gameplay. Once that's all done, i'll have a lot to work out making it all gel just right. Next is gonna be a major section so I can't even think about that right now. Breaking things down into their parts is the only way to put your best into every step. I've been designing and laying out everything very carefully. One issue of there being this much random content going on is performance. I created some custom solutions for that. I had to stop and focus on this in a special way already, because I'm far enough along that a bulk of content is already in. I'm starting to get a real feel for this beast moving with all its parts. There's major stuff planned later was all the content is created to get it to the level it needs to be. I dont want anything messing up your experience.

so I'm excited about the results, but focused with my head down on what's next. I'll have more details for you soon.

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