new groove

game update

Yoooooo! things are starting to get hot outside and with the new game. there are several different things to cover in this update. But I won't let this get too long!

as i've been working on this game, i planned on making some technical changes to the art once most of it was complete. i considered for a good while converting everything into pixel art, but i just couldn't do it. i appreciate pixel art more than most, but it's not my favorite art style. At the end of the fucking day, it didn't fit my vision for this game. so it would've felt like trend chasing instead of followthru. This is prolly a good time to say... i'm almost done with all the gameplay art!! once gameplay has the right pacing and balance, i should be able to start showing off the game (title tba)

a big thing that just got wrapped up are achievements. I for one am really damn happy about it. the achievements in this game are uniquely intertwined with the hud. I wanted achievements on everyone's minds, not just the hunters. But if you're a hunter, it's gonna be even more in your face if you haven't been succeeding the way you should. The hud is an important part of giving you the right info and setting the tone. i designed it very carefully, which is about all i can say right now. i added one more important element to it recently. i'll have more about the hud at a later date. anyway, the fact is there are a lot of badass achievements to dig into.

i just started a new major part of the game. there's always this feeling of being lost when something big gets finished. the jet lag feeling is hard but i get it through it by resetting my brain to think about little steps again. then, i usually find a new groove in the current thing and it goes away. Wtf, i think this is getting long enough for now. i'll have to save gameplay talk for next time!

summer's almost here... so have a damn seat and get ready for some action

Have a seat in this retro beach chair

til next time!

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