game update

It's update time! things have been kinda wild lately as I move along with the new game. It never gets easier getting mountains of work done. Even as you level up personally, mountains are always mountain sized, damn things.

I'm really satisfied about the hud most recently. You'll see it's a crucial part of gameplay, and I think you're gonna like interacting with it. I officially don't need to touch the hud anymore. Oh yah, I reorganized my plans to make things more efficient. I regrouped the remaining tasks, and consolidated my notes for what's left. I'm slaying this todo list piece by piece. it feels good completing shit I had planned for a while. I made a comment a while back that one of my design notes was to not let my design notes get any bigger. Well, I didn't listen to myself, because if something is going to make the game better.... then guess what i'm doing? BUT It did make me stop and think a lot harder about adding to it.

There's still some visually dramatic things happening, but I'll start explaining gameplay! You'll move through space tunnels, collecting items, and destroying obstacles. As you move from level to level, you need to manage all your stats to survive. The items you can pick up along the way can make or break you. Building your game knowledge will come in handy. Also, EVERYTHING is randomized!

The replay value is very high. You won't play the same game twice. I experimented a lot with randomization to find new ways to surprise you. Well, that's just the bones of it. there's plenty you're going to have to discover on your own. There's a fairness you'll feel though. Building your skill will happen naturally, and it will be critical to succeed. So get ready!

Balancing the core mechanics with all the items, obstacles, layouts, achievements is really important to me. Anyway, I'll be doing everything I can to come up with ways to keep you on your toes. I don't want sleep walkers moving through. I'll let you know as soon as I can.

Maybe if this game is just fun and dirty enough, it will infect the globe in much the same way as herpes has been so able to do. Hmmn, do you know anything about it?

Spreading Around the Globe

til next time!

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