robot invasion

game update

Is it about time for an update or what?! After my last post, things were nice n peachy for a bit. I was making good progress on menus. So you can bet I wasn't pleased when I found out robots were gonna invade. I got a damn hernia from years of less than safe lifting. I'm fixed now but I'll be a little more careful next time I think a lifting a gazillion fucking tons before breakfast. Or maybe the rebuild is better than what I started with. Once I found out about the body bots, I kept full steam until the day I had to go in. And now I've made a full recovery. Heeaww! But before this, I was almost complete with the menu design itself.

Robot Invasion by Timothy Courtney

I decided to take on the most difficult part first. The pause menu has been the proving ground for this design. Other menus (start, game over, etc) will be unique in options thus art, but will folow format. So they will all match each other.

Working on menus has required me to tie up a lot of ends I wanted to keep loose. they are basically the last nails to be hammered into gameplay. Once all the decisions are made, I can feel the gruel multiply. Anyway, I will be proud to see them complete. There are quite a few options for you!

Next time, I'll have more information about menu progress. Also, I'll prolly be getting into... surpr¿se! Okay, I'm not exactly sure myself as I write this, because I haven't let myself think about it. Don't worry, it's all written down, those good ol design docs. Right now, I'm focused on finishing the menus. Stay tuned....

til next time!

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