what's up yall

game update

A lot has been happening with new game... I'm gonna run through some of it so here goes!

critical changes are still happening so I can't spell things out for you just yet. I have to keep things cryptic still and on goldilock's life it's killing me! There's still a lot I can say though.

I recently got to full on prototype stage. I was able to make the proto available to a limited group of people for some feedback on their experience. As usual, I've been testing a great deal and still nailing down the design. This game doesn't exactly fit nicely into any one genre. I melted several ideas I thought would be interesting together to create the core. then just kept rethinking and reworking every component of gameplay until I had a design that felt good. That's still happening somewhat. I've been thinking hard about what the hell I spawned! designers like to feel like things are going according to their plan. It can be painful when something different pops out and you're left trying to understand it yourself

I'm still planning some pretty big visual changes and debating between a couple of titles Once that's all set in stone, Ill start showing you some behind the scenes stuff, screens, or gifs... who knows!

Lately, I'm creating a lot of new gameplay content, and I have a ways to go on that. It's important to me that the theme stay focused and consistant. this is some stuff that didn't fit the theme and therefore got cut....

Game Characters Sketch - Tucker, Stash, Crank - Before
Game Characters Sketch - Tucker, Stash, Crank - After

I'm also working on getting the balance of certain components of gameplay just right. i could do a goldilocks callback but idts. ;-D Stay tuned for more updates!

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