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First, I have a quick update: progress on the new game is going well, and I'll be able to talk more about it soon! This puppy is really taking shape. In the meantime.... there are some random posts i have planned and this is the first of them!!

In game development, there are often prototypes that are shortlived. during the making of a game, I get the temptation to make dozens and sometimes hundreds of other games. What i usually do is write the ideas down, along with a title. this usually satisfies me enough, since there's no way I can actually stop what i'm doing to take on all these ideas. By now, I have journals full of game ideas. Some get very detailed / One of the worst pains is having an idea and forgetting about it later. it'll make you want to die if that happens. So I try to always write it down. Occassionally, I reread my journals, tweaking notes, and designing on paper the ones that interest me most in that moment.

I've had prototypes get to different stages of progress before deciding it wasn't something I wanted to keep going on. I'm focused on PC/Mac/Linux game development but this prototype was for mobile.... android. The limitations and casual nature of mobile isn't my cup of tea - I do like some casual/mobile games. I'm not against maybe making a mobile version of one of my games if the conditions were right. But it's not my target. I just have to make games I feel from the heart, and that's never been mobile (so far).

i started the following prototype before SAA:CG, and it was influenced by several ideas. One of the core ideas was: What if i could find a way to make a style of gameplay mechanics similar to Adventures of Lolo (1989) work on mobile? ... What would I do differently, and how would i make it work with touch screen with only a few controls? I actually got this prototype pretty far. Below is an early screen shot. I don't have many screenshots of this proto. I take more care now to document progress better so I can look back on the process. Uh, I was just calling it Square Man while I was working on it. I also had enemies and gameplay objects for it. Keep in mind, the theming and art would have been refined, so this is a rough shot from early on

Square Man - Game Development Prototype

It was worth exploring, but I don't see myself revisiting this one. There are several reasons but the biggest is what previously said. It was quite functional at this point and I discovered some cool things. Square man could already be controlled, make moves, kill/be killed, cross bridges, etc. Yes, there was water. I was working on an in-game shop when I figured out this wasn't it. So you can start to see how I was building on an old idea with new elements that hadn't existed in the design of its inspiration. New elements like that would have been woven deeply so that it became a new beast where you had to think differently to win.

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