Game Talk: Rare Interviews About Games and Art

I'm excited to have created some valuable insights for those of you interested in game development. i learned a few things along the way too. Game Talk also reinforced some of my beliefs about creative types. We all have strong but different opinions That's actually fascinating in itself, but remember to focus on your development. We're all different and our paths will be too. There were some interesting things said that might be generally counter-intuitive. That's the kind of thing that i value higher. It was great to hear others open up about their backgrounds, progression, etc. Thanks everyone who participated

Game Talk with Nels Anderson: game development, R&D, and designing limitations

Game Talk with Erik Svedang: game design, coding, and bands

Game Talk with Scott Reismanis: modding, indie game development, and life in general

Game Talk with Jonatan "Cactus" Soderstrom: mechanics, design misconceptions, and making players uncomfortable

Game Talk with Adam Saltsman: game design, counter-culture, and creating phenomenon games

Game Talk with Jake Hollands: pixel art, minimalism, and outer space

Game Talk with Noel Berry: game design, development obstacles, and role models

Game Talk with Jarrad "Farbs" Woods: game development, superstition, and coding in the zone

Game Talk with Niklas Akerblad: boredom, blending horror w/ beauty, and resisting formal training

Game Talk with Rich Vreeland: creative thinking, time management, and hockey

Game Talk with Daniel Benmergui: time lost, design influences, and creative cycles

Game Talk with Dennis Wedin: Go-bots, Game Design, and Music

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