Lucas the Game Genre: Action Platformer
Lucas the Game Cover by Timothy Courtney
Upon birth, Lucas learns through his mother's prophecy about his supreme destiny. It seems he's the last hope for the future of humanity.

She immediately gives him a change of clothing and warns him his mission will be hard. Lucas is at a loss for words, but thinks he can do it. Not wanting to disappoint her, he heads off on what can only be described as a bazaar adventure.
Released: July 1, 2015 Store Page

Ghost of Greta Genre: Undisclosed
Ghost of Greta Cover by Timothy Courtney
Ghost of Greta is a 2D horror game currently in development.


Space Ace Assassin:
Capital Galaxy
Genre: Space Shooter
Space Ace Assassin Cover by Timothy Courtney
The earth and other inhabitable planets were destroyed in the final war.

Controlling forces have developed an elaborate space system, which is heavily guarded. They believe they have achieved eternal power. There is only one spaceship left who could possibly stop them.

Navigate through complex tunnels without blowing up, and destroy enemy forces.
Released: July 6, 2016 Store Page

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