some recent characters

game development

these are some characters i made recently. i was designing them for the new game, but they didn't fit in. you'll see what i mean soon. Also, this will give you an idea of the style I'm going for.

these characters won't make the cut, but i still like them! from top to bottom, it's Tucker, Stash, and Crank:

Tucker - Chicken

Stash - Alien

Crank - Cow


blue bird


Blue Bird by Timothy Courtney


update time

uh huh

before i talk about the new game, did you notice the redesign? i know i haven't posted as much lately on the blog. one reason is talking about myself and my work really doesn't come naturally. But from this point on, i'm just gunna do it. I'm planning more game development posts + some randomness

the other thing is, ive been fleshing out the new game. this game is a level up in every way. its bigger and it's more polished inside and out. I'll probably be showing some behind the scenes stuff soon. i'm excited about working on the new game. right now, i'm heavy into level development. There's still some gameplay design happening, but for the most part that's complete. Things are far enough along that I'll be showing some stuff soon!

new game!

game update

I've been working on a secret game! the idea came to me a while back. it has to do with expanding tunnel navigation into complex systems, creating a fast-paced environment, and mixing in dynamic gameplay.

i've about nailed down the style and theme. And i'm well into gameplay development. i'll be able to talk about it more pretty soon

sprite sheets

game development

I'm building a collection of sprite sheets here - if you're interested in game development, download some game art! i already uploaded many art assets. this original collection is from my previous work. i'm busy working on a new game right now but I'll be adding more to it. It's gunna be a community resource

game talk


Game Talk is a good source of insight for anyone interested in games! Thank you everyone who participated. Also, thanks everyone for spreading the word. I even noticed the links to some of your self-published newspapers. i love all things underground! here's the collection for anyone who hasn't had a chance to check it out yet.

space ace assassin: capital galaxy

space shooter

space ace assassin: capital galaxy is a space shooter with a little twist. basically, your character moves through each level, continuously adjusting direction. to crash into a wall is a death sentence. it's very reflex-oriented

there are space shooters where you traverse across a distance while shooting, but nothing exists with this structure and design that i'm aware. you control a constantly moving spaceship, which can turn 180° left/right. each level is different in design, essentially a series of space caves. There's more I could say, but I'll leave it to self-discovery


game development

i have an update on the new game to announce... also, you might have noticed I took some time to complete the new site design. let me knwo what you think. so, about the new game... It is h-a-p-p-e-n-i-n-g! i wrapped up gameplay design. gameplay feels like I want it now. I'm heavy into level design for the whole game now.


design tweaks

i'm planning some design tweaks for this site in the near future. right now, I'm very busy working on a new game! I hope to have time to complete the design after release of the new game - development is going well. i'll post announcements on it in the near future.


game update & street photography

I've been making mucho progress on a new game. i might start using a code name for it, or maybe not. also, I'm posting some of my street photography. I have a long time interest in photography and cinema so check it out — i'll let you know more about the new game soon!

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