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Last modified: June 07, 2016
Effective: June 07, 2016

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This privacy policy explains this site's use of cookies, information collected, and the general privacy practices of this site. By using this site and services, you acknowledge and are in agreement with the practices and policies of this entire Privacy Policy.

This site and services use Cookies to provide a more functional and personalized experience. By using this site's services, you are in agreement with its use of Cookies. Cookies is a technology term, pertaining to Browser stored information. Your browser may store information when you visit this site, that will assist in making your experience less generic, assisting in site functionality, and increasing the personalization of your site experience; when you navigate from page to page on this site, Cookies help maintain information and preferences about you and your site experience.

You acknowledge this site and services collects information specific to your site usage, device and locale. You acknowledge this site and services stores data which details your Browser application, ISP, locale, IP Address, usage of site services, and time spent doing so. This is useful for providing a better user experience, as well as for security purposes.

You acknowledge that when you provide data and/or information, this site and services are expressly permitted to use this information in any way, as permitted by law, including storing, selling, publishing, and/or sharing the data and/or information. This site and services implements security measures to protect user data.

You acknowledge there is no implied expectation of privacy when you submit information, content, materials or communications through this site's services or via communications with administrators of or the Proprietor of such services.

You acknowledge that when you make a transaction, this site and services may collect or store your payment account data. This is typically handled by the relevant payment processing party.

By using this site and the services thereof, you acknowledge that reading this Privacy Policy is NOT a substitute for reading the full scope of the privacy provisions and all terms of use which govern your use of this site and its services, and that you must read the entire agreement before using this site and the services thereof.

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