Drury (Drone)

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There's just no better way to kill your player than from behind the safety of a remote controlled drone. You know you are 100% safe so it's free reign, open season people. Kill, kill, kill, because you can. There's no repercussions. The worst thing that can happen is your drone may become damaged, but who cares? That's a small price to pay to be able to kill so effectively from miles and miles away from the danger. Drop some little loves bombs on your player, they won't know what him 'em. Hell, it's fun. Let your player feel what it's like to run for dear life from a remote controlled killing machine.

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Drury (Drone) by Timothy Courtney (timothycourtney.io)
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Drury (Drone)
Drury (Drone)
Uploaded: 2016-07-23

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